2018 Events
December: Postdoc Simone Anderko-Brixius quoted in article on women in science
"Science is a brutally competitive field. Long days in the lab are a given. Every hour of available time is an advantage, especially in the crucial early years of a postdoctoral career." This article in Quartz outlines the contributions of Nobel prize winner and developmental biologist Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard's efforts toward addressing disparities in overall workload for women scientists with children, focusing on stipend supplements. Current postdoctoral fellow Simone Anderko-Brixius received a Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard foundation during her Ph.D. and was interviewed for this article.
December: P450 cake!
Lab members surprised me with a birthday cake before discussing X-ray diffraction theory at our last group meeting of 2017.
November: Aaron and Rahul present at 2nd Gateway NMR Meeting
Scott lab members Sarah Burris, Aaron Bart, and Rahul Yadav attended the 2nd Gateway NMR Conference at Ohio State University.  Aaron and Rahul presented posters describing recent work on P450/b5 interactions and P450 enzymes with substituted metal protoporphyrins, respectively.
September: Garrett Dow and Jorge Becerra start Scott lab rotations
Jorge Becerra (chemical biology graduate student, below left) and Garrett Dow (Med Chem graduate student, below right) initiated first year rotations in the Scott lab. Jorge is working on CYP3A proteins with postdoc Malika Godamudunage. Garrett is working on adrenodoxin and adrenodoxin reductase with CYP11 enzymes under postdoc Simone Anderko-Brixius.
August: Trey Shupp completes REU program under postdoc Rahul Yadav
Trey Shupp, an undergraduate student at Evangel University (and student of Natasha DeVore), worked in the Scott lab to complete the summer 2017 UM REU program in the Structure and Function of Proteins.  Trey worked under postdoc Rahul Yadav to learn how to express cytochrome P450 proteins.
June: Sarah and Julie Join Training Grant
First year graduate students Sarah Burris and Julie Philippe have been invited to join the Pharmacological Sciences Training Program. A joint program between the Departments of Pharmacology and Biological Chemistry and the College of Pharmacy, this NIGMS-funded program provides synergistic translational education, research training, and career development to prepare students as leaders in the field of experimental therapeutics. Congratulations Sarah and Julie!
June: Aaron Candidacy Exam
Graduate student Aaron Bart recently passed his Candidacy exam in the U of M Biophysics Program. Congratulations Aaron! Such an event calls for cake! And if you know Aaron--coffee, in this case local favorite Roos Roast Lobster Butter Love coffee.
May: New Faces in the Scott Lab
The Scott lab welcomes first year graduate student Julie Philippe and undergraduate Trey Shupp. Julie is part of the U of M PIBBS Program in the Pharmacology Department and is undertaking a rotation in the Scott lab working with postdoc Simone Brixius-Anderko developing expression and purification of some mitochondrial P450 proteins. Trey Shupp is a summer student in the REU for Structure and Function of Proteins and is working with postdoc Rahul Yadav to express, purify, and characterize CYP17A1 mutants. Trey's home institution is Evangel University in Springfield, Missouri, where he has done research with former Scott lab graduate student and postdoc Natasha (Michno) DeVore. Welcome Julie and Trey!
April: Experimental Biology Meeting
The Scott lab was very well represented at the Experimental Biology Meeting in Chicago, IL.
Graduate student Aaron Bart received an ASPET travel award (above left, second row, far right). Aaron also presented a poster and was selected to give a short talk. His work won first place in the graduate student poster competition (above, right).
Postdoctoral fellow Malika Godamudunage presented a poster (above left) and was also selected to give a short talk. Her work won third place in the postdoc poster competition. Postdoc Rahul Yadav and co-author Ao Li from Wayne State University also presented their recent collaborative project as a poster (above right).
April: Welcome to Postdoc Simone Brixius-Anderko
Simone Brixius-Anderko earned her Ph.D. engineering cytochrome P450 21A1 for biotechnological applications in the laboratory of Dr. Rita Bernhardt at Saarland University in Germany. Simone and her entire family are moving from Germany to make their new home in Ann Arbor this month. As a postdoctoral fellow in the Scott lab Simone will continue working on steroidogenic P450 enzymes in the Scott Lab. Welcome Simone!
March: Pi Day!
The Scott lab took advantage of 3/14 to celebrate pi day with neighboring lab members who have been so gracious during our transition to U of M--and to sample some of the best pies from Ann Arbor area bakeries. Achatz apple and blueberry pies. Chocolate cream and rhubarb from the Grand Traverse Pie Company. And Zingerman's lemon chess pie. Mmmmmmmm! Based on the selection left over, I'd say they all had their fans--even rhubarb!
January: Welcome new lab members!
A big welcome to Sarah Burris and Annie Grech, who recently joined the Scott Lab. Sarah Burris (below right) is rotating in the Scott lab during the Winter 2017 semester. Sarah is a graduate of Indiana University Purdue University of Indianapolis (IIUPUI) and a current first year Medicinal Chemistry graduate student. Annie Grech (below left) started in the Scott Lab on a research project working with postdoc Malika Godamudunage to compare and contrast the structure and function of the major human drug-metabolizing enzyme from the adult (CYP3A4) and fetal/neonatal (CYP3A7) stages of life. Annie is a graduate of University Liggett School in Grosse Pointe Woods, MI and a current U of M biochemistry major.
December: Happy Holidays from the Scott Lab
The Scott lab further expanded our holiday celebrations this year by adding a Festivus pole (far left). Lab member Dhanushka captured the current Scott lab group members with an original drawing. Check out more of Dhanushka's drawings.
October: New Baby
Recently we got to celebrate with Postdoctoral Fellow Rahul Yadav and Laboratory Assistant Archana Mishra who are expecting a baby girl very soon!
September: Welcome to Archana Mishra
Archana Mishra joined the Scott lab as a temporary Laboratory Assistant. Archana recently completed her Ph.D. in Colloidal and Surfactant Chemistry in the English Lab at Wichita State University.
August: Scott lab moves to Michigan
In July the Scott lab shut down experiments, washed up all those beakers and flasks, crated up our equipment, and said goodbye to friends and colleagues in Malott Hall, our lab home at KU for the last 12 years. Early August we moved into our new space at the University of Michigan. Although we were a bit worried the lab equipment truck wouldn't clear the College of Pharmacy building (see bottom middle), all was delivered and put to rights. We're up and running again, so come visit us in Ann Arbor!
July: Cara poster presentations
Undergraduate Cara Davis presented a poster describing her work in the Scott lab at the KU Summer Undergraduate Research Poster Session in Spooner Commons. Earlier in the summer Cara also presented this poster at the NIGMS 6th Biennial National IDeA Symposium of Biomedical Research Excellence (NISBRE) in Washington D.C.
June: Moving up to the big leagues
The Scott lab celebrated a valuable team player moving up to the big leagues: Postdoc Fernando Estrada left the Scott lab to take a position as an Assistant Professor at SUNY University at Buffalo. We marked the occasion by watching the Kansas City T-bones baseball team take on the Wichita Wingnuts at Community America Ballpark.
May: Panda cupcakes
Panda cupcakes: Just because Fernando is such a big fan of pandas. Save the Panda
May: Eder graduation
Undergraduate Eder Dávila-Contreras (right) has been working in the Scott lab under the mentorship of postdoc Fernando Estrada (left), but now he's graduating and is heading off to work for Teach for America at the Pinole Valley High School in Pinole, CA. Congratulations and best wishes, Eder!
April: Nick Martinez undergraduate research award
This spring undergraduate Nick Martinez (right) has been presenting a poster summarizing the techniques he has learned working in the Scott lab with his graduate student mentor Aaron Bart (left). The poster was first presented at the KU-Haskell University Undergraduate Research Symposium sponsored by the Initiative for Maximizing Student Development (IMSD) program. The second event was the KU Undergraduate Research Symposium, at which Nick's poster was selected for an Outstanding Presentation Award AND the 3rd place Sigma Xi poster award. Congratulations Nick!
April: SSRL Crystallization Workshop
Indeed, you can teach an old dog new tricks. I attended the SSRL Crystallization Workshop, to learn about using the X-ray Free Electron Laser (XFEL) to perform time-resolved crystallography.
March: Nick Martinez selected for Brandeis REU Program
Undergraduate Nick Martinez was recently selected for the REU program at Brandeis University in Cell and Molecular Visualization. Congratulations Nick!
March: Fernando attends Vitamin D Workshop
Postdoc and K99 recipient Fernando Estrada attended the 19th Vitamin D Workshop held as a satellite meeting preceding the Endocrine Society meeting in Boston, MA.
February: Cara Davis selected as KINBRE Scholar
Honors undergraduate student Cara Davis was awarded a $6000 KINBRE scholarship for research in the Scott laboratory during the 2016 spring and summer semesters. Congratulations Cara!
January: Ice Skating at Crown Center
The Scott lab celebrated research productivity and publication by ice skating at the outdoor Crown Center rink in Kansas City. It was a first for Cara, Dhanushka, Fernando and Malika and a very cold day, but we enjoyed it nonetheless.

Afterwards we warmed up while attending an excellent seminar at the KU Medical Center campus by Tim Tracy titled "The Role of Protein-Protein Interactions in Modulating Cytochrome P450-Mediated Drug Metabolism".
January: Dhanushka accepted to Chemistry graduate program
Dhanushka Weerasekara, a M.S. student from Sri Lanka has been developing his research skills in the Scott lab since August and recently was accepted into the KU Chemistry Ph.D. program. Way to go, Dhanushka!
November: Postdoc Fernando Estrada at Steroid Research Meeting
Research by postdoctoral fellow Fernando Estrada was recognized as an outstanding contribution, as represented by a poster titled "Modulation of the steroidogenic cytochrome P450 17A1 structure via substrate and effector protein binding" at the 3rd Congress on Steroid Research in the Windy City.
November: Great Plains Regional Annual Symposium on Protein and Biomolecular NMR
Once again the GRASP meeting yielded a great opportunity to focus on protein NMR. Fernando gave an excellent talk titled "Analysis of the interaction between cytochrome P450 17A1 and the flavin mononucleotide domain of human reductase". Attendees from the Scott lab included (below right, from left to right): Elyse Petrunak, Aaron Bart, Malika Godamudunage, Fernando Estrada, Dr. Scott, and Rahul Yadav (not shown).
November: Introducing high school students to STEM studies
Dr. Scott and several other KU faculty presented research in STEM fields to 200 area high school students at the Business of STEM Skills to Achieve Symposium, sponsored by Junior Achievement.
October: Visit from Olathe North High School
Fernando Estrada led tours of students in the Life Sciences Program at Olathe North High School through the Scott lab to show them how science is really done (but only after a little lab cleanup!).
October: Elyse visits UNC Chapel Hill
Postdoc Elyse Petrunak visited colleagues Dr. Jeff Aubé and Caleb Vogt at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Eschelman School of Pharmacy to collaborate on CYP17A1 steroid assays.
September: Welcome Postdoc Rahul Yadav
The Scott lab welcomes postdoctoral fellow Rahul Yadav. Rahul comes form the laboratory of Moriah Beck at Wichita State University where he worked on NMR spectroscopy of the protein palladin.
August: Aaron Bart Poster Presentation
Second-year Molecular Biosciences graduate student Aaron Bart presented his recent NMR work at the annual Graduate Student Symposium in the Kansas Union.
August: Welcome Undergraduates
Fall 2015 brought several new undergraduate faces to the Scott lab. Cara Davis (far left) is a freshman Honors student learning an array of basic laboratory skills from various current lab members. Eder Davila-Contreras (middle) is a McNair Scholar Biochemistry major learning protein expression and purification working with postdoc Fernando Estrada. Nick Martinez (far right) is a part-time KU student who returned to the Scott lab to work with graduate student Aaron Bart.
August: Med Chem Faculty Say "Aloha" to new PharmD Students
(Left to right) Medicinal Chemistry faculty Ryan Altman, Tom Prisinzano, Brian Blagg, Emily Scott, Blake Peterson and lab instructor Judy Wu welcome the incoming P1 Pharmacy students.
August: Phenix Protein Crystallography Workshop
The Scott lab attended a two-day workshop presented by Phenix Consortium Developers Paul Adams, Tom Terwilliger, Pavel Afonine, and Nigel Moriarty on getting the maximum out of the Phenix software for protein structure determination.
July: Elyse Petrunak Ph.D. Defense

Congratulations to Medicinal Chemistry Ph.D. student Elyse Petrunak, who successfully defended her dissertation work titled "Structural and Functinal Evaluation of Steroidogenic Cytochrome P450 Enzymes".

June: Problem Solving Challenge
Ever feel like you are trapped with your labmates? Well the Scott lab group really was! We divided into two teams to see which could find their way out of a locked room puzzle in 60 minutes or less by cracking codes and solving riddles. Though these are techniques we use in the lab all the time, we were much less successful on this particular day.
Fernando, Youbin, Aggi, Nick, and Dhanushka challenged the room called "Szechuan Secret" (above left). Aaron, Elyse, Silvia, Malika, and Dr. Scott tried their problem-solving skills to take on "Room 13" (above right).
May: Visiting Graduate Student Silvia Bonomo
Silvia Bonomo is a visiting graduate student in the Scott lab for part of this summer. Her lab home is with Drs. Flemming Steen Jorgensen and Lars Olsen in the Department of Drug Design and Pharmacology at the University of Copenhagen. She has used computational approaches to screen for possible inhibitors of the human steroidogenic CYP17A1 and is visiting us to determine if these compounds indeed bind and inhibit the enzyme. Welcome Silvia!
MAY: BEST practice institute
Aggi Walsh and Dr. Scott took part in a 2-day workshop on teaching practices run by the KU Center for Teaching Excellence. Dr. Scott used the opportunity to redesign MDCM 601: Medicinal Biochemistry for the Pharmacy students, while Aggi used the skills gained to get off to a great start teaching BIOL 600: Introductory Biochemistry in fall 2015.
April: Graduate student Elyse Petrunak at EB2015
Senior graduate student Elyse Petrunak presented a short talk and a poster at the annual meeting of the American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Biology (ASPET) held as part of Experimental Biology in Boston, MA. Elyse's attendance was partially supported by a travel award from ASPET.
April: Vitamin D Meeting
Postdoctoral fellow Fernando Estrada, now working on vitamin D metabolism as part of his K99 award, attended the 18th Workshop on Vitamin D in Delft, Netherlands April 21-24.
April: DNA Day
Postdoctoral fellows Aggi Walsh, Malika Godamudunage, and Fernando Estrada volunteered their time to visit area schools and present interactive lessons on DNA topics and share their enthusiasm for science. Thanks for volunteering guys!
March: Promotion for Dr. Scott
The lab surprised me with cake to celebrate a recent promotion to full professor. I love that the "FE" that drives P450 enzymology is also in the center of "professor" and has flames coming out of it on the cake.
February: Malika baby shower
We're looking forward to a new addition to the lab as postdoc Malika and spouse Kasun expect a beautiful baby girl.
January: Tyler Stone joins Scott lab
Undergraduate student Tyler Stone has joined the lab to get exposure to basic science research. Tyler is currently a P1 Pharm.D. student here at KU. Welcome Tyler!
December: Happy Holidays from the Scott Lab!
Left to right: Malika Godamudunage, Youbin Tu, Fernando Estrada, Aggi Walsh, Elyse Petrunak, Aaron Bart, and Dr. Scott
December: Dr. Scott Goes back to middle school
Dr. Scott got the opportunity to share what research scientists do in their job at Southwest Middle School's Career Day. Making edible DNA models with the kids was a lot of fun--especially when we learned about mutations made by missing nucleotide bases (as we started nibbling on our creations!).
October/November: Elyse posters at meetings
Graduate student Elyse Petrunak presented her work comparing inhibitors of the steroidogenic cytochrome P450 17A1 at both the joint JSSX/ISSX Meeting in San Franscisco and the KU Cancer Center Research Symposium & Multidisciplinary Oncology Conference.
October: Lab outing
A lab trip near Topeka was a chance to work on our team-building skills as we figured out our way through a corn maze on an unusually warm fall day.
Left to right: Malika Godamudunage, Kasun Imaduwage, Aaron Bart, Hazel Scott, Sage Scott, Emily Scott, Isabella Estrada, Fernando Estrada, Dan Jasion, Suzanna Jasion, Xavier Estrada, Vicki Jasion, Aggi Walsh
Left to right: Malika Godamudunage, Kasun Imaduwage, Aaron Bart, Hazel Scott, Sage Scott, Emily Scott, Isabella Estrada, Fernando Estrada, Dan Jasion, Suzanna Jasion, Xavier Estrada, Vicki Jasion, Aggi Walsh
Sepember: Lab Fire Extinguisher training
Youbin and Malika take their turn using the buddy system during fire extinguisher training for the lab group. Thanks to KU Environment, Health and Safety.
September: Masao Ikeda-Saito seminar visit
Professor Masao Ikeda-Saito, Professor at Tohoku University and current president of the Society of Biological Inorganic Chemistry, visited the Scott lab and KU, giving a talk about new heme-degrading enzymes.
Left to right:  KU Chemistry professor Mario Rivera, Professor Ikeda-Saito, KU Medicinal Chemistry Chair Tom Prisinzano
Left to right: KU Chemistry professor Mario Rivera, Professor Ikeda-Saito, KU Medicinal Chemistry Chair Tom Prisinzano
August: Fernando presents at ICMRBS Meeting
Postdoc Fernando Estrada presented a poster titled "NMR Evidence of Conformational Selection in a Human Membrane Cytochrome P450 Enzyme" at the International Council on Magnetic Resonance in Biological Systems meeting in Dallas, TX.
July: Fernando receives favorable review of NIH K99/R00
Current NRSA postdoctoral fellow Fernando Estrada received a favorable review on a new NIH Pathways to Independence award, which necessitated cake all around at lab meeting this week.
July: Elyse Selected as University Graduate Fellow
Fifth year graduate student Elyse Petrunak was selected by the Medicinal Chemistry Department to receive the Graduate Studies Dissertation Year Fellowship for 2013-2014.  Congratulations Elyse!
June: Visiting graduate students
Malika Godamudunage (Aaron Rowland Lab, New Mexico State University) and Allison Colthart (Tom Pochapsky Lab, Brandeis University) temporarily joined the Scott lab to learn how to express and purify different human cytochrome P450 proteins.  Welcome Malika and Allison!
Malika Godamudunge (left) and Allison Colthart (right)
Malika Godamudunge (left) and Allison Colthart (right)
June: Elyse wins poster award
Graduate student Elyse Petrunak (left) won the graduate student poster award at the University of Oklahoma COBRE in Structural Biology Annual Symposium. First place in the postdoc category was also a KU participant, Michael Barta (middle). The prizes, ipad minis, were awarded by symposium organizer, Ann West (right).
June: Elyse attends Career Development conference
Graduate student Elyse Petrunak attended the 2nd annual Chemistry-Biology Interface Conference on Career Development at the University of Wisconsin-Madison as an affiliate student of the KU Chemical Biology Training Grant Program.
June: Fernando to FASEB/NIGMS Postdoc Career Transitions Workshop
Fernando Estrada, current postdoc and president of the KU Postdoctoral Association, attended the 2014 Postdoctoral Preparation Institute Workshop in Bethesda, MD, sponsored by FASEB and NIGMS.
May: Microsomes and Drug Oxidations Meeting
The 20th International Symposium on Microsomes and Drug Oxidations in Stuttgart, Germany featured a special session celebrating the 50th anniversary of the 1964 publication of a new carbon-monoxide-binding pigment in liver microsomes called cytochrome P450.
May: Aaron Bart earns Bachelors Degree, Joins Scott lab as a graduate student
KU undergraduate student Aaron Bart has worked in the Scott lab for several years and, with completion of his degree, now joins the Scott lab as a graduate student in the Molecular Biosciences Department. Welcome (back) Aaron!
May: Scott Lab Mini Golf
Mini golf, laser maze, and burgers and beer to celebrate recent lab research accomplishments.
April: MIKI Meeting
Graduate student Elyse Petrunak presented her work on the structure and mechanisms of steroidogenic cytochrome P450 17A1 at the 2014 MIKI meeting in Chicago, IL.
April: Postdoc Research Day and STEM Career Fair
As president of the KU Postdoctoral Association, postdoc Fernando Estrada organized the second annual KU Postdoc Research Day. This event hosted Dr. Paula Stephen, 2012 Science Careers Person of the Year, as the guest lecturer on "How Economics Shapes Science".
February: X-ray Training the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory (SSRL)
Postdoctoral fellows Youbin Tu and Fernando Estrada and graduate student Charlie Fehl (Aubé lab) went with Dr. Scott to the SSRL where they learned how the synchrotron operates and how to collect and process X-ray diffraction data. Several new structures of CYP17A1 were solved on this trip.
SSRL at dusk (Photo credit:  Brad Plummer)
SSRL at dusk (Photo credit: Brad Plummer)
Left to right, Charlie, Youbin, Fernando at SSRL beam line 12-2
Left to right, Charlie, Youbin, Fernando at SSRL beam line 12-2
January: Elyse talk at Graduate Honors Symposium
Graduate student Elyse Petrunak was selected to present her work during in a talk at the University of Kansas School of Pharmacy Annual Honors Symposium. Her talk was titled "Structural and Functional Analysis of Substrate interactions with Cytochrome P450 17A1."
January: Scott Lab at the Spencer Art Museum
A visit to the Spencer Art Museum to take an updated group photo turned into an unexpectedly zen-like experience.
Left to right, Aaron Bart, Elyse Petrunak, Dr. Scott, Fernando Estrada, Youbin Tu, Aggi Walsh
Left to right, Aaron Bart, Elyse Petrunak, Dr. Scott, Fernando Estrada, Youbin Tu, Aggi Walsh
November - Fernando talk in KU Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Postdoctoral fellow Fernando Estrada was invited to present his research in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences Fall Seminar Series.
November - KU Cancer Center Symposium
Graduate students Elyse Petrunak and Charlie Fehl (Aubé lab) won first place for their poster titled "Structure-based design of novel cytochrome P450 17A1 inhibitors for sex steroid-driven cancers".  They were awarded $1,000 in travel funds.
October - Elyse and Charlie's CYP17A1 research highlighted by KU
Charlie and Elyse's work on the design and testing of new CYP17A1 inhibitors was highlighted on several KU venues, including the KU website and a HUGE billboard along the highway.
August - Science City
The Scott lab group and families participated in a team-building scavenger hunt at Science City.
August to December - Dr. Scott away on NMR sabbatical
Brandeis University Professor Dr. Tom Pochapsky and NMR Director Dr. Sue Pochapsky (along with very patient graduate students Allison Colthart and Drew Tietz) graciously shared their NMR expertise with Dr. Scott during her fall 2013 sabbatical.
June - International Conference of Cytochrome P450 Meeting
Graduate student Elyse Petrunak, postdoctoral fellow Fernando Estrada, and collaborator Dr. Jennifer Laurence joined Dr. Scott at the International Conference of Cytochrome P450 Enzymes, held this year in Seattle, WA.  Elyse presented a poster titled "Structural and Functional Analysis of Substrate Interactions with Cytochrome P450 17A1", while Fernando's poster was "Substrate-Modulated Cytochrome P450 17A1 and Cytochrome b5 Interactions Revealed by NMR".  We had time for some really good Indian and Pakistani food at a dinner reunion with Linda Blake , who recently graduated from the Scott Lab, and Dr. Jeannine Chan, who recently completed a sabbatical with us.  After long days of talks and posters, we did take advantage of the conference dinner cruise to the Tillicum Village Lodge and a tour of some of Seattle's finest breweries.
June - Anne Reed-Weston back for summer research
Anne, back from her freshman year at Dartmouth University, temporarily rejoined the lab for summer 2013 to learn molecular biology techniques including site-directed mutagenesis and DNA gel electrophoresis, so she was amused by this somewhat antiquated display at Science City later in the summer.
May - Lindsay Graduates, Selected for Summer Research Training
Lindsay was awarded a spot in the KU Cancer Center Student Summer Research Training Program at KU Medical Center with Dr. Jeffrey Holzbierlein and Dr. George Vielhauer to work on a bladder cancer project.
May - Lab Alumna Natasha DeVore visits (and Matt too)
Natasha and Matt DeVore were back to visit from their postdocs at Los Alamos National Lab Matt's graduation.  Congratulations Matt!
April - MIKI meeting
Graduate students Elyse Petrunak and Charlie Fehl both gave talks about their work on CYP17A1.  Elyse's oral presentation was titled “Effects of a Single Active Site Residue Mutation (A105L) on Prostate Cancer Target Cytochrome P450 17A1”.  The annual MIKI meeting was in Minneapolis, MN this year.
April: Undergraduate Research Symposium
Undergraduate Lindsay Astleford presenter her research titled " The functional role of Y201 in the human steroidogenic cytochrome P450 17A1 enzyme" at the annual KU Undergraduate Research Symposium.
April - Spring Lab cookout
Time for burgers, badminton, and beer to celebrate papers, presentations, and new crystals (always reason for celebration!).
March - Alumna Linda Blake visits lab
Recent graduate student Linda Blake is back in town.  Most of the Scott lab got to visit with Linda over coffee and celebrate the publication of her recent paper "Benzylmorpholine analogs as selective inhibitors of lunch cytochrome P450 2A13 for the prevention of lung cancer in tobacco users" in Pharmaceutical Research (for which she was owed the bottle of Champaign).
February - X-ray Training at the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource (SSRL)
Inside the beamline hutch
Inside the beamline hutch
A trip to the Stanford Synchrotron LightSource (SSRL) to collect X-ray data on Beamline 12-2 yields training for postdoctoral fellow Aggi Walsh, graduate student Elyse Petrunak, and undergraduate Aaron Bart.  
Elyse, Aaron, and Aggi outside Building 120 for safety training.
Elyse, Aaron, and Aggi outside Building 120 for safety training.
January - Frontiers of NMR in Biology Meeting
Postdoc Fernando Estrada receives a travel award and attends the Frontiers of NMR in Biology meeting in Snowbird, Utah to present his work on NMR studies of cytochrome b5 interactions with CYP17A1.
January - Graduate Honors Symposium
Elyse Petrunak presents her latest work on the A105L mutation of CYP17A1 at the KU School of Pharmacy Graduate Honors Symposium.
January - Welcome to Jeannine Chan for sabbatical
Dr. Jeannine M. Chan from the Chemistry Department of the Pacific University Oregon is visiting the Scott lab for the spring semester.  Dr. Chan will learn how to express and purify CYP2A6, NADPH-cytochrome P450 reductase, and cytochrome b5 and do enzyme assays during her visit.
November: Scott Lab Group Photo
Left to right, back row: Aggi Walsh, Lindsay Astleford, Dr. Scott Front row, Fernando Estrada, Youbin Tu, Elyse Petrunak, Vickie Jasion
November: Welcome new postdocs
Two new postdocs join the Scott lab: Youbin Tu, below left, with experience in cytochrome P450 enzymes arrives from Candada and Victoria Jasion, below right, with experience in peroxidase and nitric oxide synthase arrives from California.
November: Goodbye Natasha

Natasha DeVore leaves the lab to take a position as a postdoctoral fellow in the laboratory of Dr. Geoffery Waldo at Los Alamos National Labs. But first, one last game night . . .
November: KU Cancer Center Symposium
Postdoc Aggi Walsh was selected to present a short talk at the KU Cancer Center Symposium. In addition her poster titled “Human Cytochrome P450 1A1 Structure and Utility in Predicting Drug Metabolism and Xenobiotic Activation” tied for first place.
November: GRASP NMR conference
Postdoc Fernando Estrada was selected to present a short talk at the GRASP conference titled “Solution NMR Study of the Interaction between a Human Cytochrome P450 Enzyme and its Redox Partner Cytochrome b5
October: International Society for the Study of Xenobiotics (ISSX)
Dr. Emily Scott selected as the 2012 recipient of the North American New Investigator Award from the International Society for the Study of Xenobiotics. Pictured Left to Right: XenoTech Chief Scientific Officer, David Buckley; North American New Investigator Award in Honor of James R. Gillette Winner, Emily Scott; Ronald Estabrook; Scientific Achievement Award in Honor of Ronald Estabrook, Sponsored by XenoTech Winner, R. Scott Obach; and ISSX Awards Committee Chair, John Miners.
Postdoctoral fellows Aggi Walsh and Natasha DeVore were awarded travel awards from the International Society of the Study of Xenobiotics to attend the 18th North American Regional ISSX Meeting in Dallas, TX.
Aggi’s poster titled “X-ray Structure of Human Cytochrome P450 1A1 and Insights into Function from Docking Studies” won 3rd place in the postdoctoral category. Natasha’s poster titled: “The Steroidogenic Cytochrome P45017A1: Residues with Key Roles in Binding and Catalysis” won 1st place in the postdoctoral category.
October: COBRE Symposium on Protein Structure and Function
Postdoctoral fellows Aggi Walsh and Fernando Estrada present their work on CYP1A1 and CYP17A1, respectively, at the COBRE 2012 Symposium on Protein Structure and Function.
October: Halloween at the Scott Lab
Heme pumpkin carving by graduate students Natasha DeVore, Elyse Petrunak, and Alex Salyer (not shown).
September: Chemical Biology Training Grant Symposium
Graduate student Elyse Petrunak presented a poster at the Chemical Biology training grant symposium on structure/function analysis of the A107L mutation of CYP17A1
July: Time for Celebration
Time for a celebration! Lab celebration of Fernando's NRSA fellowship and publication of two papers. Eva and Aggi’s paper on CYP2A inhibitor selectivity is published in Drug Metabolism and Disposition. Natasha’s paper on CYP2A nicotine and NNK structures is published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry.
July: Fernando Awarded NRSA
Postdoctoral fellow Fernando Estrada is awarded a prestigious NIH Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award (NRSA). His project, titled “Application of solution NMR to (human) membrane cytochrome P450 17A1” will support his research for 2 years.
June: Going Away Lunch for Michelle and Linda
Left to right, Natasha DeVore, Elyse Petrunak, Linda Blake, Michelle Jackson, Fernando Estrada, Aaron Bart, Lindsay Astleford. Not shown, Anne Reed-Weston.
June: Picnic and Stargazing at Powell Observatory
The lab group enjoyed a picnic of Oklahoma Joe's BBQ followed by an evening of astronomy at Powell Observatory in Louisburg, KS. After a brief talk presented by members of the Astronomical Society of Kansas City we viewed the night sky using the Ruisinger telescope. Capable of gathering over 11,000 times the light of the human eye, this telescope yielded beautiful views including the rings of Saturn and the M13 cluster of ~300,000 stars.
June: Elyse Orals Exam
Graduate student Elyse Petrunak successfully completes her orals, receiving her M.S. and moving on to the Ph.D. stage of her research.
May: Eva Stephens M.S. Defense
Photo by A. Adams
Photo by A. Adams
Eva Stephens successfully defended her Master’s thesis titled "Cytochromes P450: Inhibition of CYP2A enzymes involved in xenobiotic metabolism and generation of CYP26 enzymes involved in retinoic acid metabolism." Celebrations followed with lab members, friends, and family (Eva with parents and sister shown at right).
May: Commencement
A picture of Linda Blake in her graduation gown with fellow graduates next to a Jayhawk statue.
Lab member Linda Blake (far right) participated in the 2012 Commencement along with two other Medicinal Chemistry graduates, Jennifer Treece (far left) and Juan Araya (middle).
April: MIKI Meeting
Eva Stephens and Charlie Fehl present posters at the 50th Annual MIKI Meeting held in Iowa City, IA. Charlie’s poster wins second place in the poster competition.
March and April: Michelle Jackson poster-mania
Post-Baccalaureate Research Education Program (PREP) student Michelle Jackson presents her work at three poster sessions in two months: the KU Annual Graduate Research Competition, the Office for Diversity in Science Training Annual Student Research Symposium at Haskell Indian Nations University, and Experimental Biology 2012 in San Diego.
March: Bowling at the KU Jaybowl
March: Linda Blake’s Defense Party
Linda successfully defends her Ph.D. dissertation research titled "Cytochromes P450 as therapeutic targets and counter-targets for the prevention of lung cancer and treatment of steroidogenic diseases", becoming the Department of Medicinal Chemistry's first Ph.D. graduate in the department's Biochemistry Track. Celebrations ensued at the reception following.
Linda with her parents
Linda with her parents
February: Higuichi Bioscience Center Science Talks
Natasha DeVore and Aggi Walsh present posters on CYP17A1 and CYP1A1.
January: Nature Paper Published
Graphic design (above) by Jing Jian
Graphic design (above) by Jing Jian
Structures of Human Cytochrome P450 17A1:
Insights into Drug Design for Prostate and Breast Cancers
  • Cytochrome P450 17A1 (CYP17A1) performs sequential hydroxylase and lyase reactions essential for the production of steroid hormones called androgens and estrogens.
  • Prostate cancer and breast cancer proliferate in response to androgens and estrogens, respectively.
  • Thus, inhibition of CYP17A1 is a new approach to treating prostate and breast cancer, but no structures of CYP17A1 were previously available to assist in drug design.
  • The first structures of CYP17A1 are complexes with drugs either recently approved by the FDA for metastatic prostate cancer (abiraterone or Zytiga®) or currently in clinical trials (TOK-001 or Galeterone®). These structures:
    • demonstrate that both drugs bind more perpendicular to the heme, rather than the parallel orientation proposed
    • reveal important opportunities to improve drug design
    • demonstrate similarities to steroid receptors that are likely the basis for the dual mechanism of action for TOK-001 at the androgen receptor
    • elucidate the structural roles of many mutations found in patients with diseases called 17-hydroxylase deficiencies
Structures of the human steroidogenic membrane cytochrome P450 17A1 are published in Nature: DeVore, N.M. and Scott, E.E. Cytochrome P450 17A1 structures with prostate cancer drugs abiraterone and TOK-001. Nature. DOI: 10.1038/nature10743.
January: 10th Annual K-INBRE Symposium
Aaron Bart presented his poster titled "X-ray Structure of the Human Enzymes Responsible for Adrenaline Biosynthesis"
December: Lab Party
A party at Dr. Scott's house to celebrate many recent achievements by lab members including recent papers, graduate school and Pharmacy school applications, and research awards.
December: Research Award
Lindsay Astleford was awarded an Undergraduate Research Award of $1000 for Jan-June 2012.
November: University of Kansas Cancer Center Annual Research Symposium
Lab members presented their research at The University of Kansas Cancer Center Annual Research Symposium in Kansas City, MO.
Linda Blake's poster "Lung Cancer Chemoprevention: Selective Inhibition of Cytochrome P450 2A13"

Eva Stephen's poster "Selectivity of Cytochrome P450 2A6 Inhibitors versus Cytochrome P450 2A13"

Elyse Petrunak and Charlie Fehl's poster "Rational Design of Cytochrome P450 17A1 Inhibitors to Treat Prostate Cancer"

Natasha DeVore's poster "Structure of human cytochrome P450 17A1, a key enzyme in androgen biosynthesis and target for prostate cancer therapy" won the 3rd place poster award, $300 towards travel to a meeting.
October: GRASP-NMR
Fernando Estrada describes his work with Andi Skinner in a poster titled titled "2D Solution NMR Studies of a Human Cytochrome P450 Enzyme" at the 5th Great Plains Regional Annual Symposium on Protein and Biomolecular NMR (GRASP-NMR) Meeting in Lawrence, KS.
September: Annual COBRE External Advisory Committee Meeting
Natasha DeVore presents poster "Structures of human cytochrome P450 17A1, an important enzyme in androgen biosynthesis and target for prostate cancer therapy."
August: Annual Scott Lab Retreat, this year on the Gasconade River
Left to right, Efthimios Stephanopolous, Aaron Bart, Sommer Amundsen, Michelle Jackson, Linda Blake, Emily Scott, Natasha DeVore, Matt DeVore, Brad Bolton, Andi Skinner, Eva Stephens, David Hymel.
Left to right, Efthimios Stephanopolous, Aaron Bart, Sommer Amundsen, Michelle Jackson, Linda Blake, Emily Scott, Natasha DeVore, Matt DeVore, Brad Bolton, Andi Skinner, Eva Stephens, David Hymel.
August: Andi Skinner Enters Private Sector
Andi Skinner accepts a new job as at Regeneron Pharmaceuticals.
July: Undergraduate Research Symposium
Aaron and Michelle present at the KU Summer Undergraduate Research Poster Symposium.
June: DeVore wins the Ruckpaul Award
Natasha DeVore wins the FEBS J. Klaus Ruckpaul Poster Award at the 17th International Conference on Cytochrome P450 Natasha received her award from Tsuneo Omura. Omura and Sato first characterized cytochrome P450 enzymes as cytochromes in 1964.
May: DeVore Graduates with Ph.D.
Natasha DeVore successfully received her Ph.D. degree from the KU Department of Molecular Biosciences. Congratulations Natasha!
May: Andi Presents at PEGS Conference
Andi Skinner attended the 7th annual PEGS (protein engineering summit) conference in Boston and presented her poster titled "Generation of Human Cytochrome P450 Suitable for High-Resolution Solution NMR Analysis of Ligand Binding".
April: Linda and Eva Present at the MIKI Conference
Linda Blake and Eva Stephens presented posters at the 49th annual MIKI conference, held in Lawrence, KS for the Medicinal Chemistry Departments of Minnesota, Iowa, Kansas, and Illinois-Chicago. Eva's poster was titled "Selectivity of Cytochrome P450 2A6 Inhibitors versus Cytochrome P450 2A13". Linda's poster was titled "Lung cancer chemoprevention: Selective inhibition of cytochrome P450 2A13".
April: Dr. Scott Awarded Early Career Achievement Award
Emily Scott was awarded the Early Career Achievement Award from the Drug Metabolism Division of the American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics and gave an award lecture at Experimental Biology titled "(CYP)2B or not 2B: That is the Question".
April: DeVore Defends Ph.D. Research
Natasha DeVore successfully defended her Ph.D. dissertation titled "Structure and function of human cytochrome P450 enzymes: Xenobiotic metabolism by CYP2A and steroid biosynthesis by CYP17A1"
March: DeVore Wins Award for Poster
Natasha DeVore won a $250 award for her poster at the KU Graduate Research Symposium in the Kansas Union.
February: Blake Speaks at KU Medical Center
Linda Blake gave an invited research seminar at KU Medical Center Department of Radiation Oncology titled "Lung Cancer Chemoprevention: Selective Inhibition of Cytochrome P450 2A13"
February: Bart Receives KINBRE Research Scholarship
Aaron Bart received a 2011 undergraduate research scholarship through the Kansas IDeA Network of Biomedical Research Excellence program (KINBRE). This fellowship supports Aaron’s work on human phenylethanolamine N-methyl transferase for the Spring and Summer semesters of 2011.
January: Blake Talk Airs to Kansas High Schools
Linda Blake represented KU research in a series called "Lunch at the Lab with Kansas Bio" aired to high schools across Kansas as part of the BioGENEius Challenge. Her talk was titled "Reducing Lung Cancer in Smokers".
January: Volunteering New Year's Day at LINK Kitchen
The Scott lab serves ~175 lunches at LINK, a local nonprofit organization serving hot meals to the hungry.
Left to right, Elyse, Mike, Emily, Andi, Brad, Lindsey, and Aggi in the kitchen.
Left to right, Elyse, Mike, Emily, Andi, Brad, Lindsey, and Aggi in the kitchen.
Dueling salad preparations
Brad and Andi
Brad and Andi
Mike and Elyse
Mike and Elyse
Linda and Matt work drinks and the counter
No job is finished without the cleanup and these guys have it down.
Left to right, Aggi, Aaron, Matt, and Efthimios.
Left to right, Aggi, Aaron, Matt, and Efthimios.
December - DeVore Wins Poster Competition
Natasha DeVore’s poster was selected as the first place winner by keynote speaker Dr. Benjamin Cravatt (The Scripps Research Institute) at the poster competition for the NIH-sponsored Dyanamic Aspects of Chemical Biology Training Grant Symposium.
November - Cancer Center Research Symposium
Cancer Center Research Symposium poster competition: Linda Blake and Natasha DeVore presented their current research projects at the KU Cancer Center Research Symposium, at KU Medical School in Kansas City.
October - Porubsky's Deli
If it’s October, it’s chili season and that means the annual lab trip to Porubsky’s Deli for chili and hot pickles or a cold plate and pickles. Either way, it’s about the hot pickles and some fun.
October - Stephens Speaks at Rockhurst
Eva Stephens gave a guest lecture titled "Cytochrome P450 Research: Methods and Applications" at Rockhurst University Department of Biology for Dr. Laura Salem's undergraduate Biotechnology course.
July - 4th Annual Scott Lab Canoe Trip
Beside the Current River (left to right): Efthimios Stephanopoulos, Aaron Bart, Lindsay Astleford, Emily Baize, Melbien Tinio, Matt and Natasha DeVore, David Hymel, Dr. Scott, Andi Skinner, Brad Bolton, Linda Blake, and Eva Stephens
And of course Bo and Pixie (with Eva)
July - Bart Presents at American Crystallographic Association
Undergraduate Aaron Bart presented a structure of cytochrome P450 2A13 with the compound pilocarpine at the American Crystallographic Association Annual Meeting in Chicago, IL.
June - Carr Research Award for Excellence in Biochemistry
Natasha DeVore won the Carr Research Award for Excellence in Biochemistry from the Molecular Biosciences Department. This award is given annually.
May - Great Lakes Drug Metabolism Meetings
The entire Scott lab participated in the Great Lakes Drug Metabolism Discussion Group Meeting in St. Louis.
Aaron Bart
Aaron Bart
Linda Blake
Linda Blake
Natasha DeVore
Natasha DeVore
Andi Skinner
Andi Skinner
Eva Stephens
Eva Stephens
Aggi Walsh
Aggi Walsh
April - Bart Presents at KU Symposium
Aaron Bart presented the poster "Interactions of the drug pilocarpine with human drug metabolizing enzymes" at the KU Undergraduate Research Symposium 2010 sponsored by the Honors Program. Aaron also won an Undergraduate Research Award to partially support his summer research on the human enzyme phenylethanolamine N-methyltransferase (PNMT).
April - DeVore Speaks at Experimental Biology
Natasha DeVore gave a talk at the ASPET Drug Metabolism session at Experimental Biology in Anaheim, CA describing her paper that won the James R. Gillette Best Paper of 2009 Award in Drug Metabolism and Disposition in the Drug Metabolism category. The paper was "Key residues controlling binding of diverse ligands to human cytochrome P450 2A enzymes (Drug Metab Dispos 37:1319-1327, 2009 by NM DeVore, BD Smith, JL Wang, GH Lushington and EE Scott).
Dr. Steve Leeder, Drug Metabolism Division President-Elect;<br/>Natasha Devore; Dr. Jeffery Stevens, Drug Metabolism Division President
Dr. Steve Leeder, Drug Metabolism Division President-Elect;
Natasha Devore; Dr. Jeffery Stevens, Drug Metabolism Division President
April - Blake Awarded Two Fellowships
Linda Blake has won two fellowships, one from the American Foundation for Pharmaceutical Education and one form the KU Institute for Advancing Medical Innovation. Congratulations Linda!
March - Linda Blake Oral Exam Celebration
Linda Blake and friends at her orals party.
February - Newmark Award Finalist
Natasha DeVore (in pink) is one of five finalists for the Newmark Award, given by the Department of Molecular Biosciences for excellence in biochemistry research.
2009 Lab Babies
The Meneely family doubled on 12/16/09. Left to right, Kathy with Eve, Lexi with Sophie, and Anthony with Ana.

Charles Wilson Daniel Porubsky (Charlie) was born to Patrick and Michelle on 8/8/09.
December - Ice Skating at Crown Center
Lab ice skating (left to right): Andi Skinner, Aggie Walsh, Emily Scott, Eva Stephens, Natasha DeVore, and Linda Blake.
2009 Scott Lab Christmas Tree
2009 Scott Lab Christmas Tree
November - Paper of the Year in Drug Metabolism and Disposition
Natasha DeVore paper wins James R. Gillette Drug Metabolism Best Paper of 2009 from Drug Metabolism and Disposition for "Key residues controlling binding of diverse ligands to human cytochrome P450 2A enzymes" (Drug Metab Dispos 37:1319-1327, 2009 by NM DeVore, BD Smith, JL Wang, GH Lushington and EE Scott)
November - Symposia
Linda Blake presents her current work as a poster at the KU Cancer Research Symposium.

Natasha DeVore presents her current research in the KU Molecular Biosciences Seminar Series.
October - Scott Lab Autumn Outing
Scott Lab Autumn Outing at Gary's Berries Corn Maze (left to right): Sandi Blake, Linda Blake, Jonathan Sanford, Eva Stephens, Aaron Bart.
September - Transitions
Megen Miller Culpepper takes postdoc position in Dr. Amy Rosenzweg's lab in the Chemistry Department at Northwestern University.
August - Annual Scott Lab Canoe Trip
Annual Scott Lab Canoe Trip on the North Fork River (left to right): Linda Blake, Sommer Amundsen, Anjali Kiggal, Aaron Bart, Eva Stephens, Emily Scott, Matt Culpepper, Megen Culpepper with Patty and Lucy, Matt DeVore, and Natasha DeVore.
May - Experimental Biology
Natasha DeVore and Linda Blake present their work at Experimental Biology in New Orleans, LA as part of the Drug Metabolism Division of the American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics (ASPET). Natasha won a travel award from ASPET to attend and present her work.
May - Southwest P450 Conference
Linda Blake presents her work in a talk at the 8th Southwest P450 Meeting.
April - MIKI Meeting
Linda Blake presents her work at the 47th Annual MIKI Meeting in the Twin Cities, MN.
March - Patrick's Defense Party
After defending, Patrick quickly realizes it's amino world.

You've never played cards until you've played full-body contact cards with Patrick.
March - KU School of Pharmacy Graduate Honors Symposium
Kathy Meneely presents her work at the KU School of Pharmacy Graduate Honors Symposium.
February - KU Graduate Research Symposium
Linda Blake and Natasha DeVore present posters of their work at the KU Center for Research’s 2009 Graduate Research Competition.
Linda’s poster won third place.
Photograph by KU University Relations
Photograph by KU University Relations
January - SCUBA Party
The Scott lab tried out SCUBA diving in the KU Robinson pool.
The Kansas Carribean
The Kansas Carribean
Natasha searches carefully for sharks
Natasha searches carefully for sharks
January - Winter Conference
Linda Blake and Patrick Porubsky present posters of their work at the 9th Winter Conference on Medicinal & Bioorganic Chemistry in Steamboat Springs, CO.
October - International Society for the Study of Xenobiotics
Kathy Meneely presents a poster at the International Society for the Study of Xenobiotics in San Diego, CA.
September - Natasha M.S. Defense
Natasha DeVore successfully defends her Master's thesis research titled "The Human Cytochrome P450 2A Family: Functional Comparisons and Identification of Amino Acids Essential for Substrate Recognition".
July - Microsomes and Drug Oxidations Meeting
Kathy Meneely presents a poster at the Microsomes and Drug Oxidations Meeting in Saratoga Springs, NY.
July - Lab Canoe Trip
Scott lab summer 2008 canoe trip (left to right): Dr. Scott and Hazel Scott; Matt and Natasha DeVore (with Romulus); Kathy, Lexi, and Anthony Meneely; Patrick and Michelle Porubsky; Linda Blake; and Summer Amundsen.
May - Southwest P450
Patrick Porubsky presents the first structures of human cytochrome P450 2E1 in a talk at the 7th Southwest P450 Meeting in Navasota, TX.
April - MIKI and Experimental Biology Meetings
Melanie Blevins both successfully defends her Master's thesis and presents a talk describing her work at the MIKI meeting at the University of Iowa.
Natasha DeVore's poster "Identification of active site residues essential for the metabolism of acetaminophen in human 2A cytochromes P450" was also selected for a talk at Experimental Biology 2008. This poster also won a poster award two weeks later at the 46th Annual Medicinal Chemistry Meeting-in-Miniature (MIKI).