2013 Events
November - Fernando talk in KU Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Postdoctoral fellow Fernando Estrada was invited to present his research in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences Fall Seminar Series.
November - KU Cancer Center Symposium
Graduate students Elyse Petrunak and Charlie Fehl (Aubé lab) won first place for their poster titled "Structure-based design of novel cytochrome P450 17A1 inhibitors for sex steroid-driven cancers".  They were awarded $1,000 in travel funds.
October - Elyse and Charlie's CYP17A1 research highlighted by KU
Charlie and Elyse's work on the design and testing of new CYP17A1 inhibitors was highlighted on several KU venues, including the KU website and a HUGE billboard along the highway.
August - Science City
The Scott lab group and families participated in a team-building scavenger hunt at Science City.
August to December - Dr. Scott away on NMR sabbatical
Brandeis University Professor Dr. Tom Pochapsky and NMR Director Dr. Sue Pochapsky (along with very patient graduate students Allison Colthart and Drew Tietz) graciously shared their NMR expertise with Dr. Scott during her fall 2013 sabbatical.
June - International Conference of Cytochrome P450 Meeting
Graduate student Elyse Petrunak, postdoctoral fellow Fernando Estrada, and collaborator Dr. Jennifer Laurence joined Dr. Scott at the International Conference of Cytochrome P450 Enzymes, held this year in Seattle, WA.  Elyse presented a poster titled "Structural and Functional Analysis of Substrate Interactions with Cytochrome P450 17A1", while Fernando's poster was "Substrate-Modulated Cytochrome P450 17A1 and Cytochrome b5 Interactions Revealed by NMR".  We had time for some really good Indian and Pakistani food at a dinner reunion with Linda Blake , who recently graduated from the Scott Lab, and Dr. Jeannine Chan, who recently completed a sabbatical with us.  After long days of talks and posters, we did take advantage of the conference dinner cruise to the Tillicum Village Lodge and a tour of some of Seattle's finest breweries.
June - Anne Reed-Weston back for summer research
Anne, back from her freshman year at Dartmouth University, temporarily rejoined the lab for summer 2013 to learn molecular biology techniques including site-directed mutagenesis and DNA gel electrophoresis, so she was amused by this somewhat antiquated display at Science City later in the summer.
May - Lindsay Graduates, Selected for Summer Research Training
Lindsay was awarded a spot in the KU Cancer Center Student Summer Research Training Program at KU Medical Center with Dr. Jeffrey Holzbierlein and Dr. George Vielhauer to work on a bladder cancer project.
May - Lab Alumna Natasha DeVore visits (and Matt too)
Natasha and Matt DeVore were back to visit from their postdocs at Los Alamos National Lab Matt's graduation.  Congratulations Matt!
April - MIKI meeting
Graduate students Elyse Petrunak and Charlie Fehl both gave talks about their work on CYP17A1.  Elyse's oral presentation was titled “Effects of a Single Active Site Residue Mutation (A105L) on Prostate Cancer Target Cytochrome P450 17A1”.  The annual MIKI meeting was in Minneapolis, MN this year.
April: Undergraduate Research Symposium
Undergraduate Lindsay Astleford presenter her research titled " The functional role of Y201 in the human steroidogenic cytochrome P450 17A1 enzyme" at the annual KU Undergraduate Research Symposium.
April - Spring Lab cookout
Time for burgers, badminton, and beer to celebrate papers, presentations, and new crystals (always reason for celebration!).
March - Alumna Linda Blake visits lab
Recent graduate student Linda Blake is back in town.  Most of the Scott lab got to visit with Linda over coffee and celebrate the publication of her recent paper "Benzylmorpholine analogs as selective inhibitors of lunch cytochrome P450 2A13 for the prevention of lung cancer in tobacco users" in Pharmaceutical Research (for which she was owed the bottle of Champaign).
February - X-ray Training at the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource (SSRL)
Inside the beamline hutch
Inside the beamline hutch
A trip to the Stanford Synchrotron LightSource (SSRL) to collect X-ray data on Beamline 12-2 yields training for postdoctoral fellow Aggi Walsh, graduate student Elyse Petrunak, and undergraduate Aaron Bart.  
Elyse, Aaron, and Aggi outside Building 120 for safety training.
Elyse, Aaron, and Aggi outside Building 120 for safety training.
January - Frontiers of NMR in Biology Meeting
Postdoc Fernando Estrada receives a travel award and attends the Frontiers of NMR in Biology meeting in Snowbird, Utah to present his work on NMR studies of cytochrome b5 interactions with CYP17A1.
January - Graduate Honors Symposium
Elyse Petrunak presents her latest work on the A105L mutation of CYP17A1 at the KU School of Pharmacy Graduate Honors Symposium.
January - Welcome to Jeannine Chan for sabbatical
Dr. Jeannine M. Chan from the Chemistry Department of the Pacific University Oregon is visiting the Scott lab for the spring semester.  Dr. Chan will learn how to express and purify CYP2A6, NADPH-cytochrome P450 reductase, and cytochrome b5 and do enzyme assays during her visit.