2010 Events
December - DeVore Wins Poster Competition
Natasha DeVore’s poster was selected as the first place winner by keynote speaker Dr. Benjamin Cravatt (The Scripps Research Institute) at the poster competition for the NIH-sponsored Dyanamic Aspects of Chemical Biology Training Grant Symposium.
November - Cancer Center Research Symposium
Cancer Center Research Symposium poster competition: Linda Blake and Natasha DeVore presented their current research projects at the KU Cancer Center Research Symposium, at KU Medical School in Kansas City.
October - Porubsky's Deli
If it’s October, it’s chili season and that means the annual lab trip to Porubsky’s Deli for chili and hot pickles or a cold plate and pickles. Either way, it’s about the hot pickles and some fun.
October - Stephens Speaks at Rockhurst
Eva Stephens gave a guest lecture titled "Cytochrome P450 Research: Methods and Applications" at Rockhurst University Department of Biology for Dr. Laura Salem's undergraduate Biotechnology course.
July - 4th Annual Scott Lab Canoe Trip
Beside the Current River (left to right): Efthimios Stephanopoulos, Aaron Bart, Lindsay Astleford, Emily Baize, Melbien Tinio, Matt and Natasha DeVore, David Hymel, Dr. Scott, Andi Skinner, Brad Bolton, Linda Blake, and Eva Stephens
And of course Bo and Pixie (with Eva)
July - Bart Presents at American Crystallographic Association
Undergraduate Aaron Bart presented a structure of cytochrome P450 2A13 with the compound pilocarpine at the American Crystallographic Association Annual Meeting in Chicago, IL.
June - Carr Research Award for Excellence in Biochemistry
Natasha DeVore won the Carr Research Award for Excellence in Biochemistry from the Molecular Biosciences Department. This award is given annually.
May - Great Lakes Drug Metabolism Meetings
The entire Scott lab participated in the Great Lakes Drug Metabolism Discussion Group Meeting in St. Louis.
Aaron Bart
Aaron Bart
Linda Blake
Linda Blake
Natasha DeVore
Natasha DeVore
Andi Skinner
Andi Skinner
Eva Stephens
Eva Stephens
Aggi Walsh
Aggi Walsh
April - Bart Presents at KU Symposium
Aaron Bart presented the poster "Interactions of the drug pilocarpine with human drug metabolizing enzymes" at the KU Undergraduate Research Symposium 2010 sponsored by the Honors Program. Aaron also won an Undergraduate Research Award to partially support his summer research on the human enzyme phenylethanolamine N-methyltransferase (PNMT).
April - DeVore Speaks at Experimental Biology
Natasha DeVore gave a talk at the ASPET Drug Metabolism session at Experimental Biology in Anaheim, CA describing her paper that won the James R. Gillette Best Paper of 2009 Award in Drug Metabolism and Disposition in the Drug Metabolism category. The paper was "Key residues controlling binding of diverse ligands to human cytochrome P450 2A enzymes (Drug Metab Dispos 37:1319-1327, 2009 by NM DeVore, BD Smith, JL Wang, GH Lushington and EE Scott).
Dr. Steve Leeder, Drug Metabolism Division President-Elect;<br/>Natasha Devore; Dr. Jeffery Stevens, Drug Metabolism Division President
Dr. Steve Leeder, Drug Metabolism Division President-Elect;
Natasha Devore; Dr. Jeffery Stevens, Drug Metabolism Division President
April - Blake Awarded Two Fellowships
Linda Blake has won two fellowships, one from the American Foundation for Pharmaceutical Education and one form the KU Institute for Advancing Medical Innovation. Congratulations Linda!
March - Linda Blake Oral Exam Celebration
Linda Blake and friends at her orals party.
February - Newmark Award Finalist
Natasha DeVore (in pink) is one of five finalists for the Newmark Award, given by the Department of Molecular Biosciences for excellence in biochemistry research.